Trade union – Custom Website

Project Description

Our role was to design and develop a custom website for a trade union with a public part available for all users and a limited access based portal for members of the union. The members portal requires registration and validation of the membership; it is aimed to provide members specific information. The task required building a website design for an information-rich website.

The information would be block-based so that the client could build his own blocks of text and visual details in the admin panel. Another requirement was not to use opensource platforms and available CMS but develop everything from scratch. Technologies used: Adobe CC, MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootscrap, Javascript, MVC Design Programming, Fa-fa Icons.

Project Details

  • Client: Trade Union Federation of the Employees of the Ministry of Interior of Bulgaria
  • Tasks: Design, Development, Support
  • Timeline: June 2018 – January 2019
  • Website: